Part Number List

9556059C Diamond 5 Head (40021328)
9556060C Diamond 5 Head W Valves (40021330)
40021327 710 Head
40021329 710 Head w/ Valves
40109494UN Universal Head, hardened valve seats, adapter sleeve
40109490UN Universal head, hardened valve seats, adapter sleeve, w/valves
40105231 Universal Head
40121467 Universal Head with valves

8415993C Standard Cast Liner
9318833C Hub Liner
9318833S Hub Liner, Standard Mae West
9090233C Chrome Plated Liner, Pattern A finish
9090233CSU Chrome Plated Liner, SUPOR finish
9500723C Plateau honed Hub port relief MW liner
9535740 plateau honed HUB & port relief
40014531C 710 Liner

8459702C E3 Piston Phosphate
8459703C E3 Piston Phosphate .030 Oversized
8459704C E3 Piston Phosphate .060 Oversized
8472778C E Piston Phosphate
8472779C E Piston Phosphate .030 Oversized
8472780C E Piston Phosphate .060 Oversized
9582436C E3 Piston U.H. & Phosphate
9523619C E3B Piston Phosphate
9574501C E3B Piston U.H. & Phosphate
9572817C E3C Piston U.H. & Tin
9573312C E3C Piston U.H. & Phosphate
40007978C E Piston U.H. & Phosphate
40006129C E Piston U.H. & Tin
40006130C E3 Piston U.H. & Tin
40006131C E3B Piston U.H. & Tin
9562163C 710 Piston
Power Assemblies  
9328183 Fork,
9328185 Blade,
9332673 Fork
9332675 Blade
9088370 Blade, E
9514327 Fork, E
40006302 Blade
40006303 Fork
40015281NRE Fork, tier 0
40015282NRE Blade, tier 0
40015281NRE-U Fork, tier 0, Universal
40015282NRE-U Blade, tier 0, Universal
40015281NRE-R Fork, rebuilt rod, carrier, head
40015282NRE-R Blade, rebuilt rod, carrier, head
40015283NRE-R Fork, rebuilt rod, carrier, head
40015284NRE-R Blade, rebuilt rod, head, carrier
40028338 B Blade, bronze bearing
40028339 B Fork, bronze bearing
40028340 Blade
40028341 Fork
40028340NRE-U Blade, tier 0, Universal
40028341NRE-U Fork, tier 0, Universal
40028340NRE-R Blade, rebuilt rod, head, carrier
40028341NRE-R Fork, rebuilt rod, head, carrier
40028343NRE Blade, tier 0
40028344NRE Fork, tier 0
40045730U Fork, Universal, hard valve seats
40045732U Blade, Universal, hard valve seats
40099803NRE 710 Fork, Tier 0
40099804NRE 710 Blade, Tier 0

8059699 snap ring
8310840 Valve guide, through hardened
8348964 Brass water deflector
8367800 E carrier
40039258 EB carrier
9323296 ring set
40033365 ring set
8269842 E pin
40078951 EB pin
40039257 carrier bearing retainer
9544257 Blade Rod
40060841 Fork rod (8159354)
8268641 Lower liner insert
9319169 Lower liner insert
121X1240-2 GE EB laser welded head and liner
121X-1311 GE power assembly, EFI head and liner with valve and spring installed to the water jacket assembly
142X1035-2 GE Skirt, piston with bushing
142X1052 GE wrist pin
142X1064 GE crown
142X1068 GE piston assembly
142xX1069 GE crown
142X1070 GE piston
142x1070-2 GE piston
142X1073 GE crown
2420021-2 ALCO piston pin
24200416-1 ALCO piston