Clark Pistons

Demand for product excellence has never been greater. Aware of this demand, Clark pistons are manufactured for improved wear resistance. The quality tooling of our piston's ring grooves, as well as our attention to the exterior piston coatings, are integral to this components quality. By resisting chips, peel off and reduced liner scuffing, we achieve maximum performance and customer satisfaction.

8459702C E3 Piston Phosphate
8459703C E3 Piston Phosphate .030 Oversized
8459704C E3 Piston Phosphate .060 Oversized
8472778C E Piston Phosphate
8472779C E Piston Phosphate .030 Oversized
8472780C E Piston Phosphate .060 Oversized
9582436C E3 Piston U.H. & Phosphate
9523619C E3B Piston Phosphate
9574501C E3B Piston U.H. & Phosphate
9572817C E3C Piston U.H. & Tin
9573312C E3C Piston U.H. & Phosphate
40007978C E Piston U.H. & Phosphate
40006129C E Piston U.H. & Tin
40006130C E3 Piston U.H. & Tin
40006131C E3B Piston U.H. & Tin
9562163C 710 Piston
142X1035-2 GE™ Skirt, piston with bushing
142X1052 GE™ wrist pin
142X1064 GE™ crown
142X1068 GE piston assembly
142xX1069 GE™ crown
142X1070 GE™ piston
142x1070-2 GE™ piston
142X1073 GE™ crown
ALCO™ piston
2420021-2 ALCO™ piston pin
24200416-1 ALCO™ piston